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Designer Template Editor Placeholder Message


This issue is purely aesthetic, relating only to the Visual Studio 2005 designer template editor, and does not affect the serialized code or runtime behavior of the AIP web control or placeholder controls in any way. Design-time behavior of the controls is not affected either, only the appearance of placeholder controls while editing the template is flawed.
The problem is best explained with instructions for reproduction:
  1. Open a new or existing web site or web application project in Visual Studio 2005.
  2. Add the AutoInputProtectionControl to a web form by dragging it from the toolbox
    or editing the source HTML.
  3. In Design-mode, select the control by clicking it once with the left-mouse button.
  4. Click the control's Smart Tag and select Edit Templates.
  5. Add an AIP placeholder control to the template by dragging it from the toolbox or
    editing the source HTML. The two AIP placeholder controls in the toolbox are named
    AutoInputProtectionImagePlaceholder and AutoInputProtectionTextBoxPlaceholder.
  6. Note the appearance of the placeholder control while in Edit Template mode.
    The error message that is visible in both of the placeholder controls states that the control must be used within an AIP web control template only, although that's where the controls are. The error message is invalid in this case. You may safely ignore the error message when the placeholders are contained by an AIP web control template, regardless of whether they are nested within other server controls.
    When adding these controls to a container other than an AIP web control template, the message is valid and must not be ignored. At runtime an exception will be thrown if the placeholder controls are not contained within an AIP web control template.
Closed Apr 26, 2007 at 12:30 AM by davedev