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TranslucentBarsOverlayAutoInputProtectionFilterProvider class

The TranslucentBarsOverlayAutoInputProtectionFilterProvider class is a post-process filter that renders vertical or horizontal translucent bars.

This class provides the only concrete filter provider implementation that is built-in to the AIP library.

For more information about filter providers, see AIP Providers, Filter Providers.

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • AutoInputProtectionFilterProvider
    • TranslucentBarsOverlayAutoInputProtectionFilterProvider


The following table defines the xml attributes suppored by this class for configuration. The attributes are specified on the add element that registers the provider in the filters collection element in your web.config file.

Attribute Name Default Value Type Description
colors required System.Drawing.Color list separated by commas. List of colors that may be sampled for each translucent bar.
allowOverlap true Boolean Indicates whether adjacent bars may overlap.
minimumBarCount 5 Int32 Specifies the minimum random number of translucent bars.
maximumBarCount 10 Int32 Specifies the maximum random number of translucent bars.
minimumBarSize 2 Int32 Specifies the minimum random size for each translucent bar, in pixels. The maximum size is always the width of the bitmap.
opacity .15 Single Indicates the opacity of the translucent bars, where 0 is fully transparent and 1 is fully opaque.
orientation Horizontal System.Web.UI.WebControls.Orientation Indicates the orientation of the translucent bars.

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