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ResourceAutoInputProtectionBitmapProvider class

The purpose of the ResourceAutoInputProtectionBitmapProvider class is to render 1 of 5 random bitmaps as the background of an AIP validation image; then it renders the validation text on top in vertical partitions, with even spacing between characters, using the PartitionedAutoInputProtectionBitmap class.

The five background bitmaps used by this class are embedded resources in the AIP assembly. The AutoInputProtectionBitmapResource enumeration defines the names of each of the five resources.

For more information about bitmap providers, see AIP Providers, Bitmap Providers.

Inheritance Hierarchy


The following table defines the xml attributes suppored by this class for configuration. The attributes are specified on the add element that registers the provider in the bitmapProviders collection element in your web.config file.

Attribute Name Default Value Type Inherited From Description
margin 2 Int32 PartitionedAutoInputProtectionBitmapProvider Specifies the top, left, right and bottom margins in which the validation text will be rendered, in pixels, from the edges of the bitmap.
minimumCharacterRotationDegrees -35 Int32 PartitionedAutoInputProtectionBitmapProvider Specifies the minimum random rotation for each character, in degrees.
maximumCharacterRotationDegrees 35 Int32 PartitionedAutoInputProtectionBitmapProvider Specifies the maximum random rotation for each character, in degrees.

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