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AIP 1.0.0 RTW Release Notes

Important: These release notes do not apply to 2.0 Beta. See this page instead.

1.0.0 Production will install the AIP library, ready-to-use, and the complete source code, which consists of a Visual Studio 2005 project, content and code files. The installer also provides the option to have the AIP web controls installed into Visual Studio 2005 automatically so they appear in the toolbox.

Installation Instructions | Known Issues | Source Code

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the AIP Installer.
  2. Close all running instances of Visual Studio 2005 on your computer.
  3. Run the AIP Installer. (Vista users see below for specific instructions).
  4. Complete the installation wizard.
Control Registration in Visual Studio 2005
To have the installer register the AIP web controls with Visual Studio 2005, select Yes on the Control Registration step. The next wizard step will then ask you to enter the location of the Visual Studio 2005 custom controls folder. The default value will be correct in most cases: My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Controls. If the folder doesn't exist it will be created.

Important Notes Relating to Control Registration:
  • See Known Issues for important information about toolbox registration before installing AIP.
  • The path that is specified in the wizard is the root controls folder. Don't specify a folder for a custom tab because one will automatically be created by the installer: DaveSexton.Web.Controls.
  • Visual Studio may briefly open and close after the installation, or uninstallation, has completed. This behavior is to be expected. After the temporary instance has closed you may open another instance for use. This behavior occurs as a result of the AIP Installer running the Tools.InstallCommunityControls command to install the AIP web controls into the Visual Studio 2005 toolbox.
Vista Users
The installer must run with administrative privileges. With UAC enabled, follow these steps to start the installation instead of double-clicking the installation package (.msi):
  1. Locate Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt
  2. Right-mouse click and select Run as administrator.
  3. Change the current directory to the location of the AIP Installer file. For example, cd c:\users\dave\desktop
  4. Run the installer from the command prompt: msiexec /i AIP.msi

Known Issues

The AIP installer provides the option to automatically install the AIP web control in your Visual Studio 2005 toolbox; however, there are some known issues with the Visual Studio command used by the AIP installer that may prevent the control from being installed. Regardless, the library itself will be installed on your system so you can manually include the controls in your toolbox if you want.

Problem 1
If you have installed Sql Server 2005 (any version including CTPs) after installing Visual Studio 2005 then you may have to perform some manual patching before using this installer, but only if you plan on having it install the AIP web control into Visual Studio 2005 for you.

Follow these instructions before running the AIP installer:

Failure to install Toolbox controls via ContentInstaller or Tools.InstallCommunityControls

Problem 2
If you still receive an error after making the appropriate registry changes and executing devenv /setup , or if you haven't installed Sql Server 2005 but you are getting an error anyway such as a Package Load Failure, then you may have to make a different registry modification.

You can try to delete invalid values under the following registry key and attempt the installation again:


Each value in the key above corresponds to a custom toolbox tab in Visual Studio. Visual Studio seems to require that the list only contain tabs that correspond to existing folders in the My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Controls directory. Values that do not correspond to an existing folder must be removed.

More Information
The solutions above were discovered in the following thread and were tested on Windows Vista Business Edition for reliability, but please be aware that your own system configurations may affect whether these solutions are viable options for you:

Error Executing VSI File with Toolbox Controls

Source Code

To use the Visual Studio 2005 project file:
  1. Browse to the AIP installation folder in Windows Explorer (commonly, C:\Program Files\Dave Sexton\AIP).
  2. Copy the entire contents of the Source directory to another location; for instance, My Documents\Visual Studio 2005\Projects\DaveSexton.AutoInputProtection\.
  3. Double-click the DaveSexton.AutoInputProtection.csproj file to open the project in Visual Studio.
  4. When warned about missing source control click OK.
  5. When prompted, select Permanently remove source control association bindings.
  6. In the Solution Explorer locate and delete the file named, davesexton.pfx.
  7. Open the project's properties. For example, double-click the Properties folder in Solution Explorer or right-mouse click the project node and select Properties.
  8. Select the Signing tab.
  9. Uncheck Sign the assembly or, preferably, select <New...> from the drop-down list instead to use your own signature.
  10. Save and try to build the project. There should be no Errors, Warnings or Messages in the Error List.

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