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Oct 1, 2012
11:38 PM

Upgrade: New Version of LabDefaultTemplate.xaml. To upgrade your build definitions, please visit the following link:

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Oct 1, 2012
11:31 PM

Checked in by server upgrade

by davedev
Apr 2, 2008
12:08 AM

** Important: The AIP installer provides the latest source code by copying it to a folder named, Source. **

This changeset corresponds to the AIP 2.0 Beta release.

Breaking changes:

- The <dsweb> sectionGroup is no longer used in the web.config file (<autoInputProtection> is now used by itself).
- Refactored the web control to use a more standardized implementation; e.g., a default template and a template container are used to encapsulate child controls.
- The built-in placeholder controls no longer exist and the web control no longer requires a text box, although the default template still uses one. The only requirements now are an Image control and a CustomValidator control with "Image" and "Validator" as the IDs, respectively. (The validator does not have to validate a text box.)
- All base provider classes are now defined in the root namespace (DaveSexton.Web.Controls instead of DaveSexton.Web.Controls.Configuration).
- The term "Bitmap" has been replaced with the term "Image" in several type names, member names and the configuration schema. It now only appears when referring to an actual System.Drawing.Bitmap.
- BitmapCacheTimeoutSeconds property was renamed to RequestTimeout.
- HelpText property was renamed to InstructionText.
- HeaderText property was renamed to TitleText.
- IsUserValidated property renamed to IsValid.
- The web control's protected GenerateRandomAutoInputProtectionBitmap method was renamed to GenerateImage.
- The web control's ValidateUserInput method was renamed to Validate.
- Delegate GenerateRandomAutoInputProtectionBitmapCallback was renamed to GenerateAutoInputProtectionImageCallback.
- The methods of the RandomIntervals class now return IEnumerrable<Interval> instead of an array of Interval values.
- All IList properties on the base provider classes are now read-only.
- The base AutoInputProtectionTextProvider.ValidateUserInput implementation uses an ordinal comparison now instead of an invariant culture comparison.
- MinimumCharacterRotationDegrees and MaximumCharacterRotationDegrees properties on PartitionedAutoInputProtectionImage and PartitionedAutoInputProtectionImageProvider have been renamed: the Degrees suffix has been dropped. The same goes for the correpsonding configuration attributes.

Security Updates:

- By default, the ASP.NET Cache is used exclusively to store the CAPTCHA image and text instead of storing the answer in control state.
- The persistenceMode attribute can be set in the web.config file to use session state instead of the Cache. (This enables web farm scenarios using DB session storage; however, the request and validation timeout properties of the AIP web control will be ignored.)
- Cookliess sessions are supported without any additional configuration required.
- By default, AIP ensures that a user answering a test is the one that requested it by checking the user id (host address or name).
- The userMode attribute can be set in the web.config file to ignore user information or to use the session ID instead of the user id. Note that if persistenceMode is not set to "Session" and if session state is not being used by the application then AutoInputProtectionSessionRequestHandler must be used instead of AutoInputProtectionRequestHandler to ensure that the session ID doesn't change for every request.

Additional Updates:

- Added XML documentation comments and compiled preliminary reference documentation.
- AIP no longer uses ControlState to store validation text. Instead, it's stored in the ASP.NET server-side Cache. The key is stored in ControlState and it's generated from the user's session ID. If sessions are not enabled then the host address is used to generated the key instead.
- LineNoiseAutoInputProtectionImageProvider derives from PartitionedAutoInputProtectionImageProvider.
- ValidationGroup property added to the web control, the value of which is assigned to the two validation controls: RequiredValidator and Validator.
- AIP validation events are now traced and will appear in ASP.NET trace output.
- Added new properties: RequestKeepAlive, ValidationKeepAlive and ValidationTimeout.
- New Style properties: TitleTextStyle, InstructionTextStyle, LabelTextStyle, ValidatorTextStyle.
- Modified the installer package to provide installation into the VS 2005 toolbox and the VS 2008 toolbox.
- Modified the UpdateMsi.bat so that it fixes the MSI to display the correct dialogs depending upon the user's selections.
- Updated the EULA (see the License tab on CodePlex).
- CrosshatchAutoInputProtectionFilterProvider has been added to the library. It is a post-process filter that adds a crosshatch overlay. A list of sample colors and an opacity value may be specified in the configuration file.
- Partial configuration is now supported. In other words, each of the collection elements are optional: textProviders, imageProviders and filters. The default values are basic English, line-noise and none, respectively.

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