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Released: Apr 1, 2008
Updated: Apr 3, 2008 by davedev
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Release Notes

Getting Started

Please read the Latest Release Notes for installation instructions and important information. Then refer to the Getting Started topic in the AIP help for further instructions.

Breaking Changes

  • The <dsweb> section group is no longer used in the web.config file. The <autoInputProtection> section is now used by itself.
  • The web control has been refactored to use a much more standardized implementation. For example, a default template and a template container are used to encapsulate child controls.
  • The built-in placeholder controls no longer exist and the web control no longer requires a text box, although the default template still uses one. The only requirements now are an Image control and a CustomValidator control with Image and Validator as their IDs, respectively. (Note that the validator does not have to validate a text box.)
  • All base provider classes are now defined in the root namespace (DaveSexton.Web.Controls instead of DaveSexton.Web.Controls.Configuration).
  • The term Bitmap has been replaced with the term Image in several type names, member names and the configuration schema. It now only appears when referring to an actual System.Drawing.Bitmap. This means that your existing web.config files will have to be updated.
    • If you have created custom providers then they should be renamed and rebuilt to use the new conventions.
  • BitmapCacheTimeoutSeconds property was renamed to RequestTimeout.
  • HelpText property was renamed to InstructionText.
  • HeaderText property was renamed to TitleText.
  • IsUserValidated property renamed to IsValid.
  • The web control's protected GenerateRandomAutoInputProtectionBitmap method was renamed to GenerateImage.
  • The web control's ValidateUserInput method was renamed to Validate, and an overload was added.
  • The GenerateRandomAutoInputProtectionBitmapCallback delegate was renamed to GenerateAutoInputProtectionImageCallback.
  • The methods of the RandomIntervals class now return IEnumerrable<Interval> instead of an array of Interval values.
  • All IList properties on the base provider classes are now read-only.
  • The base AutoInputProtectionTextProvider.ValidateUserInput implementation uses an ordinal comparison now instead of an invariant culture comparison.
  • MinimumCharacterRotationDegrees and MaximumCharacterRotationDegrees properties on PartitionedAutoInputProtectionImage and PartitionedAutoInputProtectionImageProvider have been renamed: the Degrees suffix has been dropped. The same goes for the corresponding configuration attributes. This means that your existing web.config files will have to be updated.

New Features and Updates:

  • The list of work items below show most of the major features and updates of this release.
  • The source code has been upgraded to Visual Studio 2008. The output assembly still targets the .NET Framework 2.0, however.
  • The source code is still packaged with the installer, but it's also available on the Source Code page as well.
  • The license has been updated to the Microsoft Reciprocal License.
  • Preliminary documentation was built using DocProject and Sandcastle.
    • Standalone Compiled Help (.chm) is available as a separate download and the installer automatically merges AIP help with Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

Important Installation Notes

Visual Studio may open briefly during installation. You may also exprierence a long delay while AIP help is being merged with Visual Studio help. Please be patient.

Refer to the Latest Release Notes for more information.

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